Securing the Public Sector: Trustwave’s Actionable Threat Briefing for a Complex Landscape 

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Cyberattacks threaten the stability and security that governments provide. Robust cybersecurity is essential to safeguard sensitive data and ensure the smooth operation of critical services citizens rely on, from healthcare to national defense. 

Breaches can erode public trust, disrupt daily life, and even endanger lives in the case of attacks on critical infrastructure.

The public sector faces unique cybersecurity challenges, including legacy systems and fragmented IT environments. This webinar, led by Trustwave's SpiderLabs experts, explores these challenges and more, and offers actionable insights:

Checkmark_Red_Dot_White_IconEmerging Threats: We'll highlight the latest trends impacting the public sector

Checkmark_Red_Dot_White_IconIndustry-Specific Attacks: Understand the attack patterns keeping security professionals vigilant

Checkmark_Red_Dot_White_IconMitigating Strategies: Gain actionable intelligence and recommended defenses for every attack stage

Checkmark_Red_Dot_White_IconProactive Prevention: Learn how to identify and prevent attacks before they occur

Don't miss this Join us on May 16th! Karl Sigler, Senior Security Research Manager, Trustwave SpiderLabs Threat Intelligence, and Grayson Lenik, Director, Consulting and Professional Services, Trustwave Government Solutions, will share insights and lessons learned to fortify your cybersecurity strategy.

Securing the Public Sector: Trustwave’s Actionable Threat Briefing for a Complex Landscape
Thursday, May 16 at 9:00am EDT | 2:00pm BST

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