Trustwave's Actionable Cybersecurity Threat Briefing for Financial Services

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In a world of hackers, robbers, and threats, the financial services sector is arguably one of the most famous targets because...well...that's where the money is. 

Thanks to the elevated potential for monetary gain, large volumes of sensitive data, intellectual property, and customer information, financial organizations are incredibly lucrative targets for cybercriminals.

As well, the industry faces an incredibly complex security landscape with distinct challenges like heavy regulations, partnership complexity, industry interconnectednessand more. 

Given these circumstances, it is crucial for financial services organizations to minimize risk and prioritize information protection.

Our report provides a valuable roadmap for safeguarding your financial empire, with insights including:

A deep dive into significant trends currently affecting the industry.
Actionable intelligence and recommended mitigations for every step of the attack cycle.
An analysis of the attack flow specific to the financial services industry.



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