Lower Your Cyber Risk by Partnering with Trustwave

Market Recognized Cybersecurity Services Leader for Large Enterprises

ISG Provider Lens: Cybersecurity Solutions & Services, Managed Security Services - SOC (Large Accounts)

With threat actors continuously evolving their capabilities, companies need partners to help them protect their most valuable assets and manage risk. In response, recent research from ISG evaluated the security providers delivering on these partnerships and found that:

"Trustwave's MSS offerings uniquely address the cyber resilience demands of mid-market and large enterprises, across varying levels of security maturity," said Gowtham Kumar, Lead Analyst, ISG.

In its report, ISG recognized Trustwave as a Rising Star in Large Accounts (and as a Leader in Midmarket) for Managed Security Services!

"Enterprises gain from Trustwave's consultative approach and expertise in threat intelligence powered by Trustwave Fusion platform and talented experts with experience in delivering business-aligned outcomes. Trustwave invests in advanced and deep threat-hunting capabilities crafting a holistic end-to-end security portfolio that effectively addresses security risk for enterprises."

In their study, ISG breaks down MSS to evaluate both Large Accounts and Midmarket organizations.

We're excited to report that Trustwave's differentiators include the following:

  • Holistic Offering for Enhanced Visibility: Trustwave's cloud-native Fusion platform-based Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution is highly capable and mature, using bidirectional APIs to perform real-time threat detection, investigation and response, as well as providing robust threat hunting that leverages the leading EDR/XDR and other critical security controls to produce client outcomes.
  • Continuous Threat Monitoring and Hunting: Trustwave SpiderLabs Advanced Continual Threat Hunting (ACTH) services can effectively determine the presence of threat actors in a client’s IT environment. In addition, ACTH prevents cyber incidents by finding and alerting security personnel to vulnerabilities or weaknesses before an attacker can act, by hunting for more than just known Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) and Indicators of Behavior (IoBs). Trustwave ACTH detects what Endpoint Detection and Response tools fail to catch to help organizations uncover hidden and persistent threats while maximizing their investment value.
  • Elite Partnerships: Trustwave has invested in extending strategic technology partnerships with Microsoft gaining multiple exclusive credentials, elite competencies, and accreditations. 

Discover how Trustwave can help your organization rapidly detect, respond, and mitigate the threats that other tools simply cannot find. Maximize your security investments, reduce business risk, and uplevel your security strategy with Trustwave MSS.