It's Tuesday: Do You Know
if You’re Compromised?

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How do you know that your organization is not breached at this very moment? Many threats are designed to lurk in the shadows, going undetected before causing damage and extracting confidential data from unassuming organizations. And a traditional threat hunt searching for known Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) doesn’t always detect the threats designed to evade.

Detect the threats that would traditionally go unnoticed by typical threat hunts or Endpoint Detection and Response tools by conducting behavior-based threat hunts where experts are searching for anomalies that are similar in nature to known threats, but do not necessarily have the same IoCs. 

Join Trustwave cybersecurity experts, Shawn Kanady, Global Director of SpiderLabs Threat Hunt, and Steve Baer, Vice President and Field CTO, as they discuss how to uncover:

  • Sophisticated actors 
  • Zero-days   
  • Security gaps   
  • Hidden threats 

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It's Tuesday: Do You Know if You’re Compromised?
Tuesday, January 31, 2023 
9:00am CST | 3:00pm GMT




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